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5 Hacks For Brilliant Home Lighting

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18th October 2017

Lighting; It’s one vital yet subtle factor you may forget when planning your home or business design, despite being the second-most important element besides space in a room.

Once you start to notice this; light really does make a huge difference, so we’ve compiled a short list of ways new homebuilders and entrepreneurs can make sure their space looks sharp & stays functional

#1 – Highlight Your Assets

Lighting in the home or at work is more than just about blanket lighting the room, it’s about maximizing the potential use of space and layering light sources to create an interesting and subtle environment without sacrificing its usefulness.
You can fill the room with as much interesting furniture as you like and it can still be quite dull if your eye doesn’t know where to look.

Have a favorite painting? Maybe you want everybody to notice your bookcase, or your collection of 19th-century crockery, or even your desk with its computer and messy papers. These all project something about you, and lighting is a great way to draw a guests attention to the things that matter to you, and the things you want them to see about you.

You can do this with additional ceiling lights, LED Rope, or a small lamp on a 5A plug switched through the wall so it comes on automatically with the rest of your lighting. No fuss.
In the image below you can see a mixture of these lighting techniques, how they look great, but also are extremely practical for this book-lover.

Image result for room bookcase lighting

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#2 – Get Moody

Dimmable LEDs are a total game-changer, and we highly recommend making sure your house is ready to facilitate them. While not necessary for businesses, for a living room, bedroom, or dining area they can really have an effect on your living experience.

Ever notice how nice restaurants have dimmer lights? This means your eye focuses more on your dining companions and less on the surrounding area, and actually means you’re focusing more on the taste of your food than how it looks.
Similarly, dim lighting can be great for people who have trouble watching movies in total darkness, as the intense light can cause headaches in some people. A dim light won’t distract you, but it will alleviate some of the stress on your eyes.

Image result for room difference when dim

Here we can see how as the room becomes dimmer it becomes more intimate, inviting, and also energy saving! Win-Win.

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 #3 – Temperature Matters!

It’s massively odd to be in a smaller room with yellow walls and an intense & very blue cool white CFL as the only light source. It really can’t be comfortable to live in.

It’s important that your light compliments your walls, and doesn’t fight tooth and nail against them. If you have white walls and desire a clear,  open, alert feel to your room, cool white is the choice for you.
But if you have yellow to brown walls, warm white will look much, much better.


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#4 Light = Protection

Light keeps us safe from falling in the dark, driving into our driveway hedges, and importantly, lets people know you’re in.
Unless you’re trying to avoid your neighbors or extended family, this is great because it deters thieves. A Timer set to randomly operate is a lifesaver at keeping thieves guessing while you’re away.
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This is where outdoor lighting also comes into play in a valuable functional way, and all of the points above are equally relevant outdoors too.

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#5 Be Adventurous!

One of the reasons we love one of our brands, Greenhall Lighting, is their unapologetic boldness in both functional task lighting (PRiSM), and their home range (Atlantic). They all make a statement.
Whether you want your light fittings to subtly accentuate your things or architectural or garden features, don’t be afraid to choose lighting that can be looked at and admired for what it is itself.

Greenhall Lighting Calgary Wire Guarded Traditional Rustic Iron Ceiling LightGreenhall Lighting Prism Adjustable Colour Temperature Triangular Desk Lamp

You can also play with layered lighting, or even lighting effects like the Phillips Hue bulb offers while watching or playing certain films or games! If “proper lighting” doesn’t suit you, don’t buy into it! Your house, your lights, your rules.

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