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Alternative uses of Electircal Products

14th September 2017

Alternative uses for Draft Excluder Tape

With summer at an end, we’re starting to look towards our winter product lines. Generally, this means heaters, but along with this come supplementary DIY supplies so you can boost your home’s winter efficiency and save for Christmas (woohoo!).  We got …

18th May 2017

Top 5 Uses For C-Tec MultiSolve!

Since we came into contact with C-Tec’s range of rather brilliant adhesive products, we’ve been fascinated by the versatility, efficiency, and no-fuss-fix-all nature of the products for industrial …

19th April 2017

EE Solutions: DIY Packing Machine!

Every day on-site at Electrical Europe we are looking for new and more efficient ways to deliver a stand-out service to our global customer base. Small innovations …