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20th February 2018

Alarm Panel Fault Checklist

So you’re experiencing an Alarm Panel Fault. Your home or business panel is down or not functioning as it should. You’re probably at least a little bit panicked. …

31st October 2017

Pop Up Security! Easy DIY Door Contact Sounder System

Had a recent string of break-ins in your area and need security fast? We might have the solution for you. First off, we really think you can …

12th December 2016

Garage Security: Keeping Thieves Busy

When it comes to garage security, many of us think only of securing the door itself & any windows or other access points to get to your …

7th November 2016

9 Simple Steps To A More Secure Home This Christmas

The Christmas period leaves homeowners particularly vulnerable as the stakes get higher for potential thieves. Here are 9 simple ways to increase your home security without buying …