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26th February 2018

Storage heater vs Panel heater – which is best for you?

So, first off, which is which? A storage heater is full of bricks or ceramics, which are used to store heat, typically collected overnight when electricity …

20th February 2018

Alarm Panel Fault Checklist

So you’re experiencing an Alarm Panel Fault. Your home or business panel is down or not functioning as it should. You’re probably at least a little bit panicked. …

14th September 2017

Alternative uses for Draft Excluder Tape

With summer at an end, we’re starting to look towards our winter product lines. Generally, this means heaters, but along with this come supplementary DIY supplies so you can boost your home’s winter efficiency and save for Christmas (woohoo!).  We got …

26th June 2017

Keeping Your Home & Family Safe From Fire

Now more than ever the British family is concerned with how safe we are in our own homes in the event of a fire. With fire …

27th March 2017

Protect Your Family from Electrical Dangers in Bathrooms!

Maybe you’re building a new home, or giving that old bathroom you’re embarrassed about every time you have visitors a new lease on life, or maybe you …

23rd January 2017

International Sockets & Voltages: Explained!

Whether you’re familiar with the slim but somewhat dangerous US plug, or the safer but hellishly cumbersome UK plug, travellers among you will have had to purchase …