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EE Solutions: DIY Packing Machine!

Every day on-site at Electrical Europe we are looking for new and more efficient ways to deliver a stand-out service to our global customer base.

Small innovations can have a large effect on day-to-day work, for example, this DIY packing machine in our Northern Ireland warehouse has allowed us to notably increase our volume of outbound orders, and was made largely from spare parts!

After identifying a weak link in our dispatch process, namely how large orders would have to be walked around by a packer with a roll of stretch film, fumbling around to get it on all angles and stooping down to get the right height; we explored the idea of getting machinery in to help.

Many of the solutions we saw were impressive but expensive, so we wanted to see if we could make our own cheap but efficient units.

We started with a small cement mixer, and with some modifications were able to add a wooden cable reel end to the top of the mixer, creating a rotating table, which we operate with a footswitch to pack our items!


We now employ these machines to package large or awkwardly shaped items, eliminating the need for inefficient & awkward hand wrapping; And replacing it with this:

Saving our team time and undue physical stress!

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