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Keeping Your Home & Family Safe From Fire


Now more than ever the British family is concerned with how safe we are in our own homes in the event of a fire. With fire regulations constantly being improved and updated for your safety, what was acceptable 10 years ago may now be known to be a cause of a disproportionate amount of fires, damages, and fatalities.

With one of the leading causes of house fire being electrical – if you suspect unsafe or outdated electrics in your home please contact your qualified local electrician to help evaluate the risk and equip your home with some essential equipment should the worst come to pass.

Starting with the obvious – you must have smoke alarms in your home. These devices have saved countless lives, and for a simple inexpensive & low maintenance device, there really is no excuse not to have one.

Available in battery & mains operated options, smoke detectors are the best line of defense to give you warning and give you the extra time necessary to evaluate the situation and execute your escape plan. As most fires happen at night in residential areas, this extra time to act can easily mean the difference in a small controllable fire with minimal damages, to losing your home or loved ones. – Click Here To View Item (Proceeds To Go To Grenfell Victims Till 31st Jul 2017)

KnightsBridge Fire Hood Intumescent Downlight Cover 150mm x 150mm in White

While great strides have been made in energy efficient lighting, older halogen downlights still remain a risk. The waste heat combined with loose insulation in attic space can mean disaster in the wrong circumstances, so an appropriate fire hood is a smart investment if you don’t want to switch to LED technology. – Click Here To View Item (Proceeds To Go To Grenfell Victims Till 31st Jul 2017)


Sealey Portable Kitchen Carbon Dioxide Home Fire Extinguisher

Just as a smoke detector is your first alert to danger, your fire extinguisher should be your first tool to make for. It’s recommended to keep a fire extinguisher in a few locations in the house, especially in likely areas such as kitchens or bedrooms. Remember there are more than one kind of extinguisher, so take a look at your options for the most appropriate solution. (Never use water based extinguishers on an electrical fire)  – Click Here To View Item (Proceeds To Go To Grenfell Victims Till 31st Jul


KnightsBridge Hard Wired RCD UK 3 Pin Power Breaker Safety Adaptor

Overloaded plug sockets, extensions, and circuit rings remain an issue which many people don’t take into account, so sometimes it’s necessary to include something of a middleman – RCDs let you operate your appliances as you will, but if a surge or overload 0ccurs, the RCD will immediately switch off the power. You can even buy hard wired RCD plug tops for more likely candidates of dangerous overload in your home

Remember to keep plug areas well ventilated, and use the appropriate fuse for the plug top. Try not to overload sockets or extensions above 13A, and try to avoid daisy-chaining extensions as a rule.  – Click Here To View Item (Proceeds To Go To Grenfell Victims Till 31st Jul

At ElectricalEurope, we are concerned for customer & civilian safety, so please ensure you use a combination of the above solutions to protect your family, to prevent, or aid in the event of a house fire.

Please note that all fire safety items in this list‘s profits will be donated to relief for the families of the victims of Grenfell Fire Catastrophe via justgiving crowdfunding site to Family Action’s Page. Use code GRENFELL at checkout to have your order counted for donation. Thank You.









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