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Top 5 Uses For C-Tec MultiSolve!

Since we came into contact with C-Tec’s range of rather brilliant adhesive products, we’ve been fascinated by the versatility, efficiency, and no-fuss-fix-all nature of the products for industrial and DIY uses around the home.

An instant hit among professionals, flagship products CT1 & Multi Solve are a must have for all bonding, grouting, and sealing jobs. But how can Multi Solve help the everyday user at home?

We’ve compiled some of our favorite uses for Multi-Solve here:

5: Easy Removal Of Stickers

If you need to remove stickers from pretty much anything (including and especially glass) but hate the glue residue left behind; Multi Solve is for you.

Most stickers are incredibly difficult to remove completely, as the glue used must be strong to conform to E.U regulations, however, Multi Solve can remove these tenacious grips with ease.


4: Get Chewing Gum Out Of Carpets

Especially handy for cleaners & caretakers in public buildings, who know chewing gum stuck in any kind of fabric can be a nightmare, don’t worry, multi solve can soften up the gum again, making it a simple task of wiping it up.

3: Remove Tar From Tools
‘Eh, I’ll clean my tools tomorrow.’ If you find yourself saying this to yourself more than you actually clean your tools, don’t worry. multisolve has you covered.


2: Remove Tough Dirt Spots From Cars Safely
Some of those more resilient tar and dirt spots may not want to come off, at least, not until they say hello to your little friend.


1: Clearing Out Old Grout & Caulking Jobs
Multisolve’s intended use is it’s best one for most tradesmen, allowing for easy removal of old sealant and aiding in the smoothing of the new one.


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