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Zexum Cables – Born in Britain

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4th November 2016


What is the object closest to you right now? Pick it up, and chances are it has “made in China” stamped on the bottom. In an age where almost all major manufacturing ventures are outsourced to far eastern countries for cheap labour and fast manufacturing; Zexum’s range of U.K products is constantly growing.

Although nothing is wrong with a lot of ‘made in china’ products; (if product selection and quality control has been done correctly) we feel that there are many reasons we should be more self-sufficient as a nation when it comes to manufacturing.

The misconception that British handmade products need be more expensive to the consumer, is losing ground, as offshore manufacturing becomes more expensive by the year; including transportation costs, which continue to rise steeply. We feel sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping components in the UK is not only cost-effective to the consumer, but environmentally greener, as our products dispatch with Royal Mail services relatively close to the point of sale, as opposed to environmentally damaging shipment routes from the East.

We maintain a small but focused cable manufacturing team of well-educated and trained electrical specialists, arranged on a production line with several points for quality checking; which we feel trumps machine automation or production in a factory in which we have no presence to ensure sandards are met for employees and products alike.

With this style of UK production, there are no language barriers between management and workforce, an invaluable asset to reducing error and ensuring products arrive to the customer as described.
If complications do arise, the knowledgeable Zexum customer services department are based in the very same building and can physically check the product in minutes to create a better understanding of potential customer problems.

And even still, our prices remain among the most competitive on the online market, proving the benefits of this approach.

Zexum cables carry the mark of UK quality, a claim backed up by the number of professionals using our products in electrical fittings all over the UK and Europe, and we value our role in distributing these quality British products to the UK, EU, & beyond.

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